Photo: Mirando Rosales

Mexican psych act Mint Field explore intimate spaces on “Delicadeza”

Mexican duo Mint Field are releasing their new album Sentimiento Mundial on September 25, and following on from “Natural” and “Contingencia” they have this week shared a third teaser called “Delicadeza”. They say on the new track:

“This song is about how delicacy can be really intimate, a place where feelings are connected. When this moment happens we learn how to guide ourselves with our own feelings.”

“Delicadeza” translates to “delicacy” and for this one Mint Field have out aside the crunchy and fuzzy guitar sounds that characterised the earlier singles in favour of more atmospheric and searching sounds. With a skeletal structure of watery guitar and simpistic percussion, they open up a tunnel into an intimate scene, with Estrella del Sol’s quietly beseeching singing inviting you in. “Delicadeza” never explodes like you expect it to, but remains calm and magnetic, seemingly suggesting you lay down with someone you love and simply take pleasure in the simple fact of being alive.

Appropriately, the video for “Delicadeza”, created by Santiago Padilla Arouesty, features the band doing exactly that, with the director saying: “I think of this video as a glimpse into a variety of emotions presented to us in the past few months and how most of us have been living inside our heads rather than in the outside world; from boredom to calmness passing through anger and frustration. I wanted to make a portrait of the times at which we are more likely to be delicate.”

Mint Field’s new album Sentimiento Mundial is due for release on September 25 through Felte. You can find the band on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Bandcamp.