Mexican psych act Mint Field enter new terrain on the fuzzy “Natural”

The Mexican act Mint Field are revving up for a return. They’ve recently moved to the thriving cultural hub of Mexico City, and today are announcing that they’ve signed to LA-based label felte by sharing the new song and video “Natural”.

The new song sees them collaborating with Cathy Lucas from Vanishing Twin and Nathan Pigott, who have added new instrumentation to their sound in the form of sax and violins, while Ulrika Spacek’s Syd Kemp steps in on production duties.

The result is that “Natural” is a continuation of Mint Field’s psych sound into uncharted territories. The wisps of sax and violin add a delicacy to the fringes, reflecting Estrella del Sol Sanchez’s spiritual singing. Mint Field don’t want to let you settle though, as the terrain of “Natural” keeps shifting, one moment solid and rhythmic, the next tipping you into a kaleidoscopic tumble through a sonic wormhole, only for them to bring you thundering back to Earth as the guitars spring from hiding.

The video for “Natural” was shot by Mint Field out in the world (before the pandemic), capturing the indefinable movement of light and time.

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