Photo: Thyra Dragseth

Lisbon-based duo Camila Fuchs announce new album with the radiant “Sun”

Camila Fuchs sounds like a person, but is in fact a duo who live in Lisbon – although Camila De Laborde and Daniel Hermann-Collini are respectively Mexican and German by nationality. You might already know this if you’ve been a fan of their previous two albums, but they’ve now got a third on the way on November 13 called Kids Talk Sun.

Today they’ve shared the opening track “Sun”, which they describe as “a call for heat, for warmth, energy, and life. We imagine a new utopian civilisation has arrived where kids are protected by the sun. The sun at the frontline, shielding and loving. Sun is a celebration for nature. A calling for its strength.”

“Sun” does indeed sound like Camila Fuchs calling out to the sun, yearning for it to reach down its beams and offer a warm caress on their supple skin. Underlying De Laborde’s chanting voice are synths that quietly bubble like an electronic cauldron, and the whole affair feels like a technological ritual. As “Sun” slowly churns, De Laborde’s beseeching grows more compelling, sucking you into this slow but mesmerising dance, until you too want nothing more than to be heated by our universe’s glorious solar source.

Camila Fuchs’ new album Kids Talk Sun is out on November 13 through Felte. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.