Photo: Kirsten Miccoli

Chicago post-punks Ganser share the dissociative “Emergency Equipment and Exits”

Ganser, the quartet hailing from Chicago, will be releasing their new album Just Look at That Sky on July 31, and this week they’ve shared a new song and video from it called “Emergency Equipment and Exits”. The video was created by the band’s own singer and bassist Alicia Gaines, who says:

“Sometimes everything gets too close, even when things are good, and you get this screaming desire to run away. The song and video are both about feeling estranged from reality and choosing nothing over too much– the floor drops out, and you only have yourself to deal with.” 

“Emergency Equipment and Exits” is a straight-ahead post-punk song, with some tinkering at the edges to give it plenty of atmosphere. The band sound fired up and dynamic, but at the centre of it Gaines gives an excellently numb performance. This tension between vocal and instrumental ensures makes us feel like we’re sucked into a mind that has given up, while the world around still hums with activity. Ganser guide us through plenty of sonic hurdles, slovenly interludes and piano asides to describe the singer’s moods, and it remains electrifying throughout.

Ganser’s new album Just Look at That Sky will be released on July 31 through Felte. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp and Instagram.