Lindsay Munroe explores the difficulties of casual relationships on fluorescent new single “Weekend Love”

Carrying on the theme of relationships and all their struggles, Manchester-based musician Lindsay Munroe is back with a brand new single, “Weekend Love”. Like both an addendum and a sequel to February’s single “Need A Ride”, “Weekend Love” explores the world of casual relationships. She says:

“’Weekend Love’ reflects on the inherent humour of two quite earnest people trying to embark on a casual relationship. It’s a fun song reflecting a fun time – two people living in different cities, seeing each other for a few days at a time and, for me at least, providing a bit of an escape from weekday life.”

Working with producer/songwriter Steph Marziano’s Common Language label for the first time, Munroe takes on a slightly brighter hue than her last outing. Light is falling into her music here, but the impetus of the song is still driven by a throbbing bass and her alluring matter-of-fact delivery. “I don’t play games so tell me what you want from me,” she quietly presses. While the song might boast images of casual weekend flings organised on the fly, the very human need for knowing the direction something is head brandishes itself. “I just wanna know now / What we could become,” Munroe concedes in the bridge, and chimes “I know we’re falling three days at a time,” during the song’s fluorescent chorus. The struggle continues, but that’s the nature of human relationships. 

Listen to “Weekend Love” below or on streaming platforms, and stay tuned for news about Munroe’s forthcoming second EP, which she is currently in the process of recording.

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