Photo: Billie H

Lindsay Munroe shares the spellbinding “Parallel” and announces new EP

Lindsay Munroe has been feeding us a series of increasingly enjoyable and more dynamic over the past months, and now she has another to add to the collection. “Parallel” offers a new textural surrounding for the Manchester artist, but with it the love for her friend she’s writing about comes through all the clearer. Speaking of the track she says:

“For a long time I’ve wanted to write a love song for my best friend. I wrote it last summer when she was still working on the Covid intensive care unit and having an absolutely awful time. Writing a song felt like a bit of a silly thing to do but it’s what I could do. I’ve always thought that it’s mad that our culture places so much value on romantic couplings. There’s no doubt in my mind that when I’m an old woman looking back on the big love stories of my life it will be my friends who fill my mind.

“Parallel” feels that more synthetic than previous singles from Munroe, but this shift in soundscapes fits just as well as her previous surroundings. The sputtering drum machines and pulsating synths feels like the lifeblood of the track, the heartbeat quietly beating out love for her friend. When the chorus hits and what sounds like a swirl of background brass comes gently swelling to the surface, a real sense of joy is present from the track; you could imagine Munroe dancing in a living room with her friend to the song. “Parallel” will no doubt be a highlight of Munroe’s forthcoming second EP too. Softest Edge arrives 9th November, and based on the strength of previous singles and “Parallel”, it will hopefully be a strong and memorable offering.

Listen to “Parallel” below or on your preferred streaming platform.

Softest Edge is out 9th November. Stay up to date with Lindsay Munroe on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.