Lindsay Munroe sends strength to the ‘new woman’ in the gnarly “Hornets”

Manchester’s Lindsay Munroe is in the midst of a strong run of singles, including recent favourites “Need A Ride” and “Weekend Love”. It continues this week with “Hornets”, a song sent out to all the new girlfriends who find themselves contending with the memories of their new partner’s ex. She says:

“Hornets’ is a message of solidarity to them saying ‘even if this plays out terribly, you’re not only going to be ok, you’re going to be better off’. Through the ups and downs of romantic relationships my biggest lesson has been the sustaining power of female relationships and the solidarity that comes with them. There’s anger and outrage in this song, but it’s also a love letter to the hours spent comforting and building one another up, my public pep talk that reflects all the private pep talks I’ve received and given.”

Appropriately for a song titled “Hornets”, Munroe has employed a visceral and combative sound palette that includes tactile beats, searing guitars and metallic vocal effects. This gives us an image of the singer standing firm while being bombarded by conflicting emotions; on one level wanting to comfort her new partner, on the other wanting to hear the ex’s side of the story. Amidst a barrage of messages that may or may not be bullshit, she starts to feel doubt – “maybe I’m just a regret” – but ultimately tries to maintain compassion for all parties, including herself. Through the buffeting musicality and emotions, her voice resounds, and her determined positivity shines through the confusion. Yet again, Munroe takes on a complex tangle of feelings and comes out with a compassionate yet powerful piece.

Listen to “Hornets” below or on streaming platforms.

“Hornets” is out via Common Language. You can find Lindsay Munroe on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.