Photo: Cinthia Baseler

Lindsay Munroe returns with the inward-looking and quietly furious “Need A Ride”

Returning after the release of her 2020 debut EP, Our Heaviness, Manchester-based musician Lindsay Munroe is back with a brand new single called “Need A Ride”.

Speaking about “Need A Ride”, Munroe says, “Having become single quite suddenly and unexpectedly, I was shocked by the confidence and self-assurance I felt in that newfound independence. It feels particularly relevant at the moment since socially distanced dating is so difficult, unless you live with a partner, lockdown is essentially a time of government enforced celibacy.”

With drums that sound like they are folding in on themselves, Munroe follows suit and reflects inward on being newly single: “I don’t need another body / To make me want my body,” she sings in a low, matter-of-fact voice with just a creak of bitterness. Returning to the fray on her own terms, Munroe sounds ready to throw aside obstacles, cutting through with the razor-sharp synths and guitars. The track’s understated and wonderful sense of momentum propels Munroe forward, matching her words on not waiting for someone else to come and give her purpose.

And there’s still delicacy and care at play on “Need a Ride” too, Munroe never letting any disdain get the better of her and always keeping composed. It’s this marrying of opposites – and probably something to do with Munroe writing arrangements, co-producing, and taking the wheel in the studio – that makes “Need A Ride” a track you want to (ahem) ride along with over and over.

Listen to “Need A Ride” below or on streaming platforms.

Stay tuned for more music and a new EP from Lindsay Munroe in the coming months. For now, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.