The Harpoonist gets existential on “Good People”

The “harpoon” is a time-honored synonym for the harmonica – and in the hands of Shawn “The Harpoonist” Hall, it sounds a lot different than what Bob Dylan did with the instrument. The Canadian artist has just released “Good People”, the first single from his forthcoming debut solo album Did We Come Here To Dance? on Tonic Records.

“Good People” is arguably the most refreshingly original ear candy of the year. Hall has a distinctively bluesy voice that’s reminiscent of country’s Chris Stapleton. The song poses a stark existential question: “Did we come here to dance or come here to die?”

“‘Good People’ hit me like a brick to the head at my dining room table about a year ago, sort of like a mantra of some kind,” says The Harpoonist. “I had this dizzying nature whirling around in me. It’s a call to action in its simplest form, asking ‘Did we come here to dance or come here to die?’”

The video for “Good People” feels a bit like the 70s hit movie Deliverance, only this time the psychodrama plays out in a remote Canadian forest.

You can catch The Harpoonist on tour in Canada this summer as he puts the final touches on his inaugural solo album.

Watch the video for “Good People” below, or find the song on your favorite streaming service.

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