Photo: Stefy Pocket

Greentea Peng shares the psychedelic groove “Dingaling”, readies debut album

Greentea Peng has bided her time. Ever since the release of her more-than-promising Sensi EP in 2018, we’ve been left in anticipation of her proper debut LP. However delectable 2019’s Rising was, it simply wasn’t enough, we needed the full course.

Thankfully, the wait is set to end. Peng’s debut album, Man Made, is due to arrive June 4th, via AMF Records. The fact that the project was by the multi-award winning Commissioner Gordon, the same figure behind the mixing of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is no fluke. The album is that damn good.

We’ve already heard “Nah It Ain’t The Same”, and the latest teaser for the project, out today, is “Dingaling”, complete with a hazily sparkling video.

The song pulsates with life, a head-nodding, fat-tapping psychedelic groove completed by Peng’s vocals, both punchy and graceful at once. Alongside longtime producer Earbuds and her band, The Seng Seng Family, Peng simply can seem to do no wrong. Frankly, this writer’s words are sure to fail to do it justice, so it’s best you just listen to it yourself.

Check the video for “Dingaling” out below or listen on streaming platforms.

Greentea Peng’s debut album MAN MADE is out on June 4 (pre-order/save). Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.