Greentea Peng wades through modern disarray on the jazzy “Nah It Ain’t The Same” and its gorgeous video

London’s Greentea Peng has been beguiling with a series of genre-fluid singles and EPs for a few years now, but she’s coming into 2021 with the intention of releasing her debut album. While we don’t have a release date yet, we do have an excellent single called “Nah It Ain’t The Same”, with Peng saying:

“Deliberations of a (hu) MAN, subject to the pendulum’s swing, I give you ‘Nah It Aint The Same’ off my album MAN MADE. An expression and exploration of my utter confusion and inner conflicts amidst shifting paradigms.”

We’re surely all regularly lost in head-spinning internal debates about what the fuck is happening all around us, but few of us can make it look and sound as stylish as Greentea Peng does on “Nah It Ain’t The Same”. Supported by a top-notch jazz band with upright bass, sputtering drums, spacey piano and scant vinyl scratches, Peng oozes cool as she drifts through this lively atmosphere. She is speaking from the streets, observing all the inequality and trying to cast aside the doubts that arise. Meanwhile, she’s attempting to place herself in the world and take stock of what she’s achieved. She weaves this together in her on flow, and what could be confused comes out as pure poetry.

Taking it even further is the stunning video, shot by Machine Operated, which you can watch below.

News about Greentea Peng’s debut album MAN MADE can’t be far away. For now, follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.