Gothenburg-based producer Oliver Knowles released his debut EP as The Keep last year via Fabric offshoot Houndstooth, and is quickly re-upping with a second EP called Andra coming on May 15. He’s heralding the release of the new four-track EP by sharing “Acqua Alta”, which he says is “an exhausted expression of anger and defeat.”

Across six minutes of sonic catharsis, The Keep really lets everything out, but with such poise and sharpness that the result is stunning. Tribal-sounding drums under score grinding demonic whirrs and fizzing synths, while sounds dart across the atmosphere like poison arrows. The anger is on the surface of “Acqua Alta”, but underneath is a tenderness; the exhaustion that he mentions is in the glowing human underbelly of this beautiful and involving song.

The Keep’s new EP Andra is due on May 15 via Houndstooth. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.