Photo: Alex de Brabant

Lotic turns up the heat as she embodies sexuality in “Emergency”

Texan producer and vocalist Lotic recently announced her new album Water and shared the single “Come Unto Me”. Today she gives us another breadcrumb as we head towards the album’s release, this time in the form of “Emergency”, about which she says:

‘Emergency’ is me fully owning my sexuality for the first time. I transitioned a few years ago and it taught me that men really have way too much testosterone flowing through their bodies. It makes them act crazy and all they care about is sexual fulfilment, but I can demand pleasure and orgasms too!”

As usual with a Lotic production, “Emergency” is packed with so many glistening and textural sounds that are simply too much to pick apart – but work mesmerisingly as a whole. Here, the intention is to create a balmy, seductive atmosphere where Lotic’s angelic falsetto sounds at home as she taps into her physical needs and boldly projects her carnal desires into the world. As “Emergency” continues, the sounds evolve and morph, becoming a sticky web of desire, trapping us in Lotic’s realm – we have no choice but to succumb to her every need and demand, but it’s heavenly.

The video for “Emergency”, created with LIL INTERNET, beautifully accentuates the beautiful, bodily nature of the song. Take a look below or find the song on streaming platforms.

Lotic’s new album Water arrives on October 29 through Houndstooth (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.