Lotic envisions an alternate history for lost African slaves on the powerful “Come Unto Me”, announces new album

Mystical producer Lotic (real name J’Kerian Morgan) has announced her new album: it’s called Water and comes out on October 29 through Houndstooth. She says: “This is the record I always wanted to write. This feels like my arrival as an artist.” As a first example of her new prowess, she has shared the single “Come Unto Me”, saying:

“1.8 million Africans died on the Middle Passage; their bodies were thrown into the Atlantic. Had their cells been able to adapt to this new ecosystem, and thrive and multiply, perhaps a glorious new culture and history would have been possible.”

Lotic takes us back into the mists of time with a smoky array of synths, bass stabs and rattling percussion, into which her voice wafts with spooky but comforting grace. It’s as if she is singing to those 1.8 million lost Africans, coaxing them to find a new strength, to find a new life, to rise and become all they should have been. With synth flutes dancing around the atmosphere and shards of piercing sound cutting across the gorgeous gloom, we feel as if we’re witnessing the birth of a new generation of people – or more than people, a whole new evolutionary species of human. That is the power of Lotic’s music.

Watch the colourful clip for “Come Unto Me” below, or find the song on streaming platforms.

Lotic’s new album Water arrives on October 29 through Houndstooth (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.