Cheyenne Cody

Avery Lynch shares the achingly tender, supremely vulnerable “Love of My Life”

Pennsylvania singer-songwriter Avery Lynch deals in music so intimate you’d swear she was sitting across from you as she sings, only for you. It was during quarantine that she found her voice, feeling the need for a creative outlet.

About her latest single, “Love of My Life”, she says:

“‘Love of My Life’ is about young love and that feeling of falling for someone so intensely that you want to call them the love of your life. I wanted to write something that people could play at their weddings and create special moments and memories with.”

The result is as vulnerable as any song in recent memory, a perhaps too early declaration to a lover, one of pure, unabashed adoration, one of true love. “There is nothing in my life that I’d rather to do / than be the one who gets to love you,” she sings, her voice aching.

For any of us (everyone?) who has felt themselves falling for someone just a bit too fast, leaving our hearts open to either ecstasy or destruction, it’s a deeply relatable, instantly striking song. Driven by gentle piano that perfectly suits her wistful singing, it’s a – and we mean it – a truly gorgeous few minutes.

Check it out below or find it on streamers.

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