Photo: Henry Ager

With “moody”, MYTBE captures the intensity of fleeting romance

We feel intensely because somewhere buzzing in the back of our heads, we realise all of it is just temporary. Such is life over the longer haul, obviously, but more specifically, doomed-to-end romances can give us this piercing sentiment in a devastatingly concentrated dosage. South London songwriter MYTBE knows this plight all too well on her latest single “moody”.

With its frayed strumming and ‘don’t wake the neighbours’ vocal take, the song is as achingly candid as can be, documenting all the uneasy pressure points between her and her short-lived partner. Juxtaposed with these confessions, the self-made music video captures all those stolen moments of joy, peace and euphoria. As quiet and understated as it is presented, “moody” nevertheless hits you like the heaviest of anvils.

I wrote this song about a recent brief romance, one which both parties both knew wasn’t going to last forever,” she says of the track. “Although the end was in sight, I still found myself drunk on affection and willing to overlook the red flags. Inspired by these feelings of blindsidedness, I was keen to capture the foolish notion of loving carelessly.”

Watch and listen to “moody” below, and listen to it over various streaming services.

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