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This Is Lorelei’s Nate Amos is his own Ghost of Christmas Past on “I’m All Fucked Up”

After tapping into the monolith of pop music with an endless array of off-the-cuff releases, This Is Lorelei – the project of Nate Amos – finally is set to release its official debut album on June 14th on Double Double Whammy. This collection of songs by the Water From Your Eyes co-founder is imbued with the same offbeat humor and root-and-branch experimentalism, but additionally, unravels a new wrinkle in Amos’s craft: that of the confessional songwriter.

Even in that role, Amos breaches conventions in his typically cavalier fashion. On “I’m All Fucked Up” – the second glimpse of the album after “Dancing In The Club” – Amos reels the tape back to haunt his younger self like his own Ghost of Christmas past. In doing so, he ambivalently realises that younger version of him still is conjoined to him in some perverse way: “You little sick thing you had your fun/you cut the line baby there’s no more tears/you know some people’d wanna go yea they’d wanna run away/But you’re all fucked up and you wanna stay here with me.”

‘I’m All Fucked Up is just me trying to diagnose/comfort/scold my younger self – an amalgamation of real experiences I had jumbled and reset in inaccurate but contextually relevant locations,” Amos explains. It once again shows Amos’s resourcefulness as a songwriter. In a recent feature with Rolling Stone, Amos says it took a long process of shedding artistic skins; his prolific and often outrageous output under the This Is Lorelei-moniker was a necessary rite of passage to get to this point.

Preorder Box for Buddy, Box for Star here. Enjoy “I’m All Fucked Up” below.

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