Photo: Eleanor Petry

Water From Your Eyes evolve through the elegiac weirdness of “14”

Art-rock duo Water From Your Eyes are releasing their new album Everyone’s Crushed in less than a month, and today they share another single and video from it called “14”.

They describe “14” as “a quasi-serial inkblot signifying submission to personal demons and the realization that change is both necessary and inevitable.” 

Across “14”, vocalist Rachel Brown’s voice is backed by an elegiac, slow-moving wave of plucked and played violins. Atop the crest of this, they pontificate on their life circumstances, gradually coming to a place of acceptance and purging of the past with the evocative repetition “I’m ready to throw you up”. The way that Water From Your Eyes so patiently draw out the song’s swell and emotional turmoil keeps you locked into their strangely engrossing sound world, and once at the top of the gentle but stunning crescendo, there is a feeling of hard-won clarity in the beguilingly beautiful atmosphere.

Brown directed the video for “14” and says: “I was largely inspired by “Meshes of the Afternoon”, “Last Year in Marienbad”, and “Spirited Away,” as well as the painting “The Triumph of Baccus” by Diego Velázquez, a favorite of Nate’s. I wanted to capture the feeling of being haunted by one’s own inner turmoils and the act of letting those conflicts go.”

Watch the clip below or find “14” on streamers.

Water From Your Eyes’ new album Everyone’s Crushed arrives on May 26 through Matador (pre-order/save)

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