Photo: Danielle Neu

Kim Gordon satirises toxicity on industrial grinder “I’m A Man”

Kim Gordon is releasing her new album The Collective next month and following on from lead single “BYE BYE” we now have another teaser in “I’m A Man”.

The trap-like beats from “BYE BYE” are still present in “I’m A Man”, but this one is more about the washes of guitar drone and, in particular, Gordon’s excellent vocal performance. Here she embodies a toxic male, unflatteringly expressing all the traits that these people flaunt as their god given right. “C’mon sweets, take my hand, jump on my back / ’cause I’m the man,” she postures. She then undercuts this with admissions like “Dropped outta college, don’t have a degree / and I can’t get a date… I’m not bringing home the juice / I’m not bringing home the bacon.” Periodically through the song she announces “It’s not my fault!”, making her protagonist seem even more pathetic. Ultimately, “I’m A Man” is a muscular and magnificant takedown of toxic masculinity.

The video for “I’m A Man” was directed by  Alex Ross Perry (director of Her Smell and Listen Up Phillip) and star’s Gordon’s daughter Coco Gordon Moore alongside Conor Fay.

Watch the video below or find the song on streamers.

Kim Gordon’s new album The Collective is out on 8 March through Matador (pre-order/save). You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.

She’s got a few live dates ahead too:

March 21: Burlington, Vt., US – Higher Ground
March 22: Washington, D.C., US – Black Cat
March 23: Queens, N.Y., US – Knockdown Center
March 27: Los Angeles, US – The Regent Theater
March 29: Ventura, Ca., US – Music Hall
March 30: San Francisco, US – Fillmore