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Princess Xixi embodies a frenetic polarity on “work me up”, announces EP

We first found out about Princess Xixi through her excellent feature on LIONSTORM’s “Same But Different” . The London-based multidisciplinary talent now shares her spectacular single “work me up”, the first glimpse off of her upcoming EP a doll’s house, which will arrive May 30th.

Next week, Princess Xixi will release a music video for “work me up”, directed by Malaysian filmmaker Emily Ong Shuyi. The visual style and direction is said to be partly influenced by the GazettE-bass player Reita, who recently passed away. For now, you can get carried away in the song’s multi-genre rollercoaster, which seamlessly mashes breakbeat, hip-hop, footwork, UK bass and hyperpop. It’s a pandora’s box of stylistics, but underpinned by a polarity of expression that Xixi urgently conveys: the outward gung-ho version and the inner tormenter, with her talents as both a rapper and singer on full display.

In an Instagram story, Princess Xixi calls “work me up” “the UK bass version of filth in the beauty“. “This song is about my messy inner conflict and I wanted to show that through both the song’s lyrics and arrangement, as well as some of my influences. It’s giving DJ Rashad meets My Chemical Romance, but they all grew up in ends.” Written and composed entirely by herself, a doll’s house features productional contributions by CA$TLE, MisterrCha, Tobre, Shurk, LCY, and Team Ross, as well as vocal production from J.Ar.J. The EP was mixed and mastered by J.Ar.J and Tobre in London.

Tracklist for a doll’s house:

  1. leng loi 2.0
  2. taidu
  3. validation
  4. rot girl winter
  5. leaves
  6. a dolls house
  7. vip freestyle
  8. work me up

Check out “work me up” below and grab it via Spotify.

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