Wings of Desire are a two-piece made up of Chloe and James, formerly part of South London’s INHEAVEN. With their new project they’re searching for bigger ideas in smaller moments, and that’s exactly what they’ve managed to capture in new single “Be Here Now”, using the famous Ram Dass quote as a jumping off point. They say:

“Be Here Now is a song about being exactly where you’re supposed to be. Being present means that instead of being focused on what happened to you yesterday or what could happen tomorrow, you are simply herenow. No one wants to be stuck on autopilot, it’s not good for the soul. As humans we need to be aware of the automatic actions and reactions we have become accustomed to, and find a place of clarity and calm. The present moment offers peace, it gives us space to transcend.

The new single is a fast-paced, almost post-rock jam, with the duo propelling it ever onwards towards the sky. Lyrically, it’s much more of a sober affair, with James finding himself miserable and crawling up the walls, but then catching himself, taking a minute to appreciate life in all of its complex, miserable and beautiful mystery. In combination, the words and instrumentation give the feeling of a bustling world roaring on all around, while Wings of Desire stand still in the middle of it all, taking a deep breath and just being thankful that they exist. A truly life-affirming track, “Be Here Now” was meant to be heard in a field full of people, but until we can enjoy that experience we should do as the song says and just enjoy the moment.

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