During the new video for the Darcy’s “Itchy Blood,” one of the vapid female leads rather poignantly pulls a Bret Easton Ellis book out of a bookcase. She stares at it for a moment, and there’s the hope that she might know the content of it and release the horror of the kind of person she is. She doesn’t, though, and instead tosses it behind here, only to use it as a stepping stone later in the video (along with the likes of Anne Frank’s Diary). The video for “Itchy Blood” – directed by Peter Hadfield – speaks a good deal about the hollowness excess wealth can create. Left alone one afternoon, a pair of girls wreak havoc on a house, defacing a magazines and wearing all their mother’s clothes and jewellery at once. That’s the thing, though: the havoc they wreak is limited because of their limited imagination. They try to create punch and cookie dough, but have no idea how to actually make them, so they end up as bowls of rancid-tasting, gloopy mess. Come the end of the video, the pair sit about, bored. There’s nothing more to do than to sit in a filthy bath eating sweet snacks, and when no one is there to acknowledge what they’ve done, it makes it all pointless. The video manages to say a lot, and not only does it capture a version of the song’s title to life, it also casts a light on some of the song’s lyrics, too, particularly the repeated phrase “You belong where you belong because…” Watch the video for “Itchy Blood” below, which comes from this year’s excellent Warring.