My Education - 5 Popes

Texas post-rockers My Education have been feeling a bit nostalgic lately.  Over the last decade or so, the band has recorded and released a wealth of albums, 7″s, and guest appearances on various compilations.  They’ve even worked on a handful of film scores for different labels.  And in their attempt to translate this plethora of music into a live setting, My Education has developed a notoriously cathartic live show.  And it’s been their rabid fanbase which has been a big reason for their success, and in the spirit of reciprocation, they thought that they would grant a common fan request — that being, the release of their 2001 album, 5 Popes, on vinyl.  The album was originally released on CD via Ballyhoo Withdrawal and Thirty Ghosts Records but will find new life on wax with Beat Imprint Records on February 4th, complete with two new mixes and a bonus track.

The band has chosen to release “Deep Cut” as the first single from the re-issued album, and with its streaks of droning guitars, strings, and guiding percussion, the song is a perfect entry point for those not familiar with My Education’s insular vision of post-rock.   There are peaks and valleys throughout the track, with a euphoric rock intensity threaded into each note and crescendo.  This is music that demands participation and feeds off the emotional response from its listener.  It becomes a sort of musical Rorschach test, with the music suiting whatever memories and sentiment you care to bring along.  And even if you’ve never the song before, it quickly takes on the nature of a familiar favorite, with the audience slipping into is warm and rich tones before you even realize it.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the new single, “Deep Cut,” from My Education’s recently remastered album, 5 Popes.