Photo: Jacob Valdez

Spoort reconnect with the universe on the antigravity bliss of “Charm & the Strange”

Leicestershire quartet Spoort were one of our favourite emerging acts of 2020, providing one of our most enjoyable interviews and landing on our EPs of the year with their self-titled debut. They’re carrying on that momentum with a bunch of new tracks set to be released in the coming months, starting with today’s new one “Charm & the Strange”. Guitarist and vocalist Paul Cupi says:

“Space is the place, or at the very least it’s a place. The modern musician’s reaction to space is indifferent. The city – being the centre of modern music – is so artificially bright that we are blind to the stars. Music has been completely disconnected from reality and is controlled by artificial art officials. Charm and the Strange is a return to the archaic love of reality in the form of a cheesy pop song.”

Fans of the band’s previous work will know that Spoort have a fascination with outer space, so for them to deliver a love song to the universe on “Charm & the Strange” seems like a natural step, but they do it with such style and aplomb that it sounds completely fresh. Utilising jazz rhythms and keys, they paint a blissful and weightless space where Cupi’s late-night thoughts waft and dissolve beautifully. His charm shines in the way he can flit between everyday conversational terms like “god I fucking love ya” and then broaden into more cerebral ideas: “I know I’m right / this place is enchanted / you take it for granted / but I won’t.” With spiralling guitar lines further provoking his conceptual thoughts, he comes to the peaceful nihilism of the final lines: “then I finally see what life is about / there isn’t a light that never goes out.” Once again transmuting their diverse influences into a detailed and unique production that manages to encompass the quotidian, philosophy and science fiction, “Charm & the Strange” is yet another reason to be excited about this band.

These influences are further evidenced in the Videodrome-esque video, which you can watch below. Otherwise check out “Charm & the Strange” on streaming platforms.

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