Spoort channel The Strokes on the anxiety-filled “One Day It Will Come”

When we spoke to Midlands heroes Spoort last year, they told us how they’d been through several different styles and incarnations before settling on their own unique brand of indie-R&B (or whatever genre mash-up you think best applies). So far on their debut self-titled EP and their songs “Charm & The Strange” and “Firetrap” have put their pop and hip-hop feet forward, but with “One Day Will Come” they revert to a style reminiscent of another hugely influential period: 2000s indie, most notably The Strokes and Julian Casablancas’ particular style of manic mumbling.

Keys player Kingy takes lead vocal duties on this one, and he says:

“The song is about how in early adulthood, when everything’s all socialising, creative endeavours, free sexuality and all the rest of it, a future of a ‘sensible’ life and everything that comes with that – raising unappreciative kids, mourning your sexual prime, buying a Volvo – can feel both daunting and inevitable.”

Kingy sets the scene with his dreamy keyboard soundscape, immediately putting us in a lackadaisical state of mind, not knowing where we are – “Am I dead? / Will I wakeup in a hot sweat or a hospital bed?” he begins. As the bass-guitar-drum triad kicks into its gliding indie formation, we slip further into his neuroses, which pile on in tandem with added surges of guitar. With his mind slipping through disconnected thoughts, he finds himself flipping from the morbid (“Maidenhead in a seven-person Volvo / with a tumour in my head”) to the humorously offhand (“would I be a better human with a tattoo on my neck / of my youngest daughter or son?”), and more, not forgetting Spoort’s usual predilection for outer space (“One day it will come / A few more round the sun”). Even while acknowledging the artists to whom they’re paying tribute, Spoort still manage to put plenty of their own personality into “One Day It Will Come”, and open up yet another avenue they could explore going forward.

For the video for “One Day It Will Come”, they lean even more heavily into the 2000s indie aesthetic – you’ll know exactly what we mean when you see it. Otherwise check out the song on streaming platforms.

Spoort’s 2021 series of singles seems to be ongoing, so we look forward to whatever they have coming next. For now, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.