Photo: Jacob Valdez

Spoort won’t be held back on the emphatic “Firetrap” and its lovably low budget video

Midlands faves Spoort returned last month with “Charm & the Strange”, but they’re keeping the momentum flowing with a new song that lands today called “Firetrap”. Typically idiosyncratic in their explanation, they say:

“This song is a call to empower yourself. Don’t bother listening to our music, or anyone else’s. Create your own, however simple, however strange and it will be far more meaningful.”

Filled with skittering drums, bumping bass, hypnotising synth, spiralling arabesques of guitar and much more, “Firetrap” might be the most densely arrange Spoort song yet – but their usual effortless attitude and style is not lost. While singer Paul Cupi might implore us not to listen to Spoort’s music in the above quote, we’d be missing out on so much, not least his evocative imagery. Here he’s single-mindedly cutting his own path here, determined to make his life in his own singular fashion without letting anyone or anything waylay him; “I know earth ain’t moving slow / Ain’t got time to let me know how you feel / By this time tomorrow I’ll be at the wheel.” It’s an emphatic message, especially as he sings towards the end “don’t need your culture anymore / live free like you haven’t before / keep moving on,” as usual toeing a line between earnest and sardonic that’s hard to decipher but thrilling to witness.

The video for “Firetrap” adds more excellence, the band saying: “The song is intense and explosive, we wanted to capture intense actions in slow motion. We only had £20 budget, which got us 3 bottles of Aldi Cava and 5 packs of pre-sliced mushrooms to load into our rented leaf-blower.”

Watch it below.

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