Photo: Gift Gwambe

Spoort bear their heart on “FLYY”

Spoort are a new band from the UK midlands who recently shared their debut single “Self”, and today follow it up with a song called “FLYY” and the news that they’ll be sharing their self-titled debut EP on May 29 via Marathon Artists/House Anxiety.

On the new track they say “FLYY is the feeling of approaching the inevitable, a thought on the modalities of leaving earth”. They also say that their singles so far are “more like ringtones than songs,” and you certainly get that vibe in the chirping and loping vocal hook of “FLYY”. It’s enough to be offputting at first listen, but a repeat play soon finds the beat alluring and the hook lodging itself firmly and happily inside your skull.

They’ve also shared a video for “FLYY”, directed by Mia Clark, which connects with the British culture of pubs being a centre of society, where you can witness all sorts of human behaviours.

Pre-order Spoort’s debut EP Spoort here, and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.