Photo: Tami Aftab

Alaskalaska make promises for the future in “Growing Up Pains (Unni’s Song)”

For those of us Alaskalaska fans, it’s been a long wait for new music since their excellent 2019 debut album The Dots, but it’s finally come to an end as the London band releases “Growing Up Pains (Unni’s Song)”. Vocalist Lucinda Duarte-Holman says:

“‘Growing Up Pains (Unni’s Song)’ was written in response to my friend and their partner becoming pregnant. Hey Unni! I was thinking about what it means to bring up a kid in today’s world. ‘Look at you now, in a space age…’ refers to our intrinsic need for worldwide connectivity (not necessarily a bad thing, but it comes with its evils) and the awareness of the increasingly worrying climate emergency amongst all the usual rites of passage we go through as we grow up, ‘earthquake…heartbreak…growing up pains.’ ‘I won’t let you down’ is a gentle call to arms, in a way…I still have hope for the future and in people to start stepping up to make things right and good.”

While Alaskalaska might be best known for their energetic songs, “Growing Up Pains” floats slowly, reflecting the calm and care that is appropriate for a song of solemn promise. That’s not to say that it’s without the band’s usual playfulness, as there’s plenty packed in amidst the oscillating synth and atmospheric piano chords. It’s minimal, both lyrically and sonically, but there’s plenty of lovable lines, subtle instrumentation and field recordings that vividly paint a heartwarming picture of friendship and love being shared in the most earnest of fashions. It’s impossible to walk away without the repeated promise “I won’t let you down” stuck in your head – and it’s a mantra we should all be following as we as a species continue to fight for our future.

The video for “Growing Up Pains” is below or you can listen to the song on streaming platforms.

“Growing Up Pains (Unni’s Song)” is out on Marathon Artists. With more to come soon from the band, make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.