Photo: Mia Mala McDonald

Courtney Barnett breezes back with the pointed “Rae Street” and announces new album

Australian sensation Courtney Barnett has announced her third solo album: it’s called Things Take Time, Take Time and it arrives on November 12 through Marathon Artists. She has also shared the album’s opening track “Rae Street”.

“In the morning I’m slow / I drag a chair over to the window / and I watch what’s going on,” she begins on “Rae Street”, a description of pretty much how you’d imagine Courtney Barnett coming up with her detailed and observant lyricism. Her lazy lope continues in the guitar, a rustic country strum that adds a characterful crotchetiness to her words. In an intonation that is definitely reminiscent of her friend and collaborator Kurt Vile, she watches her neighbours going about their days – riding bikes, fixing their houses, trying to control their children – and comes to the world weary conclusion “time is money / and money is no man’s friend” – a hands aloft festival singalong in the making.

Watch the video for “Rae Street” below or find the song on streaming platforms.

Courtney Barnett’s new album Things Take Time, Take Time comes out on November 12 through Marathon Artists (pre-order/save). You can find the songwriter on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.