Photo: Lim So

Say Sue Me unleash a bundle of joy in the thankful “Around You”

Following the soft launch of their new album The Last Thing Left with the song “George & Janice” earlier this month, Korean indie stars Say Sue Me have shared the true lead single from the album, “Around You”. Vocalist and guitarist Sumi Choi says:

“In a world where it became difficult to go outside and meet people freely, I felt like time is totally mine, but I still don’t know how to control it. My thoughts linger and dwell within me and my youth is slipping away. Perhaps when I go outside something is waiting for me that makes me think better than this!”

Unlike the majority of people who have written about isolation, Say Sue Me turn their loneliness into something to be celebrated – a place where new ideas arrive all the time, even as time slips away. The excitement of this feeling is captured in the bright and bouncing indie sound, a pop rocker of the highest degree. It becomes even more of a downright charmer in its second half when Sumi finally admits that she’s rather be seeing people, the simple refrain “something better is around you” capturing that innocent joy of purely being able to spend time outside, with other people.

Watch the video for “Around You” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Say Sue Me’s The Last Thing Left is out on May 13 through Damnably (pre-order/save). Catch Say Sue Me on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.