Otoboke Beaver share the blisteringly fun “Pardon?”

Having essentially set the music-loving world on fire with 2019’s Itekoma Hits, Japanese Punk rockers Otoboke Beaver have continued to fan flames with the occasional single in the time since, but now they’re prepared to make a proper return. Their sophomore album, Super Champon, is due out May 6th via Damnably, and now they’ve shared the latest single from the project, “Pardon?”.

Dialing the fiery aggression of their prior effort back a tad, “Pardon?” is pure fun, while retaining the irrepressible energy. It’s a tongue-in-cheek recalling of the surely countless times they’ve found themselves stuck in a situation in which it’s difficult to communicate with another party that’s unwilling to put any effort in on their end. The band share, “Sometimes, the more you insist, the harder it is to understand you. We don’t have time to understand if you don’t have time to understand.

The video comes complete with text translations in numerous languages, further capturing the energy of the track, regardless of the listener. Check it out below or on streaming platforms.

Super Champon comes out on May 6 through Damnably Find Otoboke Beaver on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.