Korean indie rock favorites Say Sue Me return with the bouncy “George & Janice”, announce new album

Of the varying worldwide musical inroads South Korea has made beyond it’s K-pop dominance in recent years, certainly towards the forefront of the indie scene are stalwart Busan Indie rockers Say Sue Me. Quickly winning fans around the globe with their delightfully earnest, heartfelt rock, they capture the beaches and urban disconnect (and, by turns, delight) of their native city with ease.

It’s been something of a wait for the proper follow up to their 2018 Damnably breakthrough, Where We Together, increased by the pandemic and departure of a longtime member alike, but that wait is finally just about up.

They’ve announced their third album, The Last Thing Left, due May 13th, once more via the ever-reliable Damnably. They say:

“This album has the theme of some realization, eventually the realization of love. Love in relationships, love for oneself, and the ultimate love gained after realizing those two things!”

To mark the occasion, they’ve also shared the project’s first single, and the album’s closing track, “George & Janice”. That theme of love is very much present in the track, their jauntiest and most happily romantic song to date.

Listen to that below, and pre-order The Last Thing Left today for BandCamp Friday: there’s no better way to support a band that truly deserves it.

Catch Say Sue Me on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.