Say Sue Me appreciate the delicacy of the moment in “So Tender”

While we wait in anticipation of Say Sue Me‘s follow up to their glorious 2018 album Where We Were Together, the Busan-based band have today released a new song called “So Tender” that suggests they’re still very much making engrossingly dreamy indie. The song was made for the soundtrack of Nevertheless, a Korean drama that is also streaming internationally on Netflix. 

Vocalist and guitarist Sumi Choi says about “So Tender”: “I know it’s a butterfly that sits on a flower that will soon be faded away and then goes away, but the soft feeling of the moment seems to last forever.”

Say Sue Me take us right into that ephemeral moment of pure beauty and feeling, combining a golden guitar with Sumi’s almost-whispered words about the delicacy of the moment. Say Sue Me don’t remain placid though, they know that – while this moment is just a butterfly – it is also a rush of excitement, and throughout “So Tender” they gradually layer in thicker, warmer guitars that emphasise the palpable feeling in this brief but infinite bubble of time, full of dancing, smiling, physical closeness, and pure love.

You can listen to “So Tender” via the video below, which is full of clips from the show Nevertheless, or find it on streaming platforms.

You can find Say Sue Me on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

They’re also doing a series of livestreams from around Busan, and you can buy tickets for the ‘vurtual tour’ here.