Ryan Pollie dreams of teenage summers in the exuberant jam “On The Nose”, announces new album

Ryan Pollie has followed up his excellent recent single “The Shore House” with the news that he’ll release a new album called Stars on December 10 through Forged Artifacts.

He has also shared a new single from it called “On The Nose”, saying that it is “inspired by summers seeing the Dead at outside theaters, pregaming in parking lots. Having fun in the car. Rob Dobson plays the lead guitar role of Jerry here, taking John Mayer to school. The lyrics grapple with getting older, missing shows and taking summer vacations for granted. We don’t get those anymore.”

Perhaps Pollie’s new song is called “On The Nose” because he’s tapping into a nostalgia that we all know so well – but music is the perfect vehicle to make that mental journey back to youth, especially when it’s as lighthearted and fun as this. A straightforward sunshine rocker, it finds Pollie attempting to relive his days following The Grateful Dead on tour, meeting his “baby” on the road, deciding to never go home again and affirming that he’s “never gettin’ old again”. The second half plays instrumental tribute to the Dead too, as Pollie and his bandmates set off on a jam that could easily soundtrack a car setting off on a long journey under the summer sun – never to return.

Check out the video for “On The Nose” below, which features Pollie and his friends on a camping trip and adds to the song’s carefree spirit. Otherwise, find it on streaming platforms.

Ryan Pollie’s new album Stars comes out on December 10 through Forged Artifacts (Mapache / Light in the Attic for UK / EU). You can find him on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.