Photo: Teddy Grossman

Total Revenge cruises off into a lo-fi sunset on “Jeep Cherokee”

This Friday, Ryan Pollie, who has previously put out albums as Los Angeles Police Department and under his own name, will release the self-titled debut album from his new project Total Revenge. With the songs “The Fair” and “The Lawn” already out in the world, today he’s delivering a final teaser with the closer of Total Revenge, “Jeep Cherokee”.

More directly anthemic than the previous singles, Total Revenge’s “Jeep Cherokee” uses crunchy distortion on a loping guitar line to create a feeling of freedom. It’s a simple but affecting track that could be a lost Grandaddy demo, as it pairs a weariness in Pollie’s voice and words (“I’d cry if I only knew how”) with a wistful guitar hook. As the melody fizzes towards the finale, you can picture him cruising off in the titular “Jeep Cherokee”, leaving his worries behind and heading to a future of possibility. It’s the perfect way to end the album – and we can’t wait to hear the rest of Total Revenge this Friday.

Total Revenge’s debut album Total Revenge is coming out this Friday, September 4, via Forged Artifacts. Follow Ryan Pollie on Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.