Ryan Pollie delivers a whole concept album within one song on the yearning “The Shore House”

LA multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ryan Pollie most recently came to our ears under the moniker Total Revenge, but today he returns under his own name for the first time in a couple of years. He’s shared a new song called “The Shore House” and introduces it by saying:

“Featuring a ripping guitar solo by Michael Rault, Shore House is a concept album within a song. There is a chromatic breakdown that features a desk bell and gym whistle and a chorus that strips down to my voice, a string quartet and a lonely harpist.

“Inspired by my father, The Shore House is a story about a man raising children in suburbia. The character grew up at the shore and always thought he would see his kids grow up next to the beach as well. Now stuck in the mundanity of a predictable suburban life, he dreams of the waves and longs for even just a weekend back home at the shore.”

Indeed, a whole life seems to be contained within “The Shore House”‘s economic five minutes, beginning with the protagonist-father dropping off his kids at school at having to persuade his daughter that it’ll all be ok. Once freed from that stress, the song picks up into a Beatlesian jaunt with plinking keys, whistles, bells and chugging vocals – but soon he drifts into a psychedelic reverie. The drums drop out, a string quartet comes in, and he confesses his true desire; “I thought I’d raise them on the beach / the tide could sing them songs / I’d keep the hard things out of reach.”

It’s not all bad though, as the beat kicks back in, a ribbon of sax underscores their family trip to the shore – a blissful escape from reality. Except he can’t relax entirely, as he’s got to keep his kids safe and entertained. Eventually, all these competing needs seem to pull him in different directions, a guitar solo emphasising the combination of stress and relaxation. Of course, the only natural thing to do is return to his dreams once more, the string quartet on hand as he drifts back to that plaintive but unattainable dream of living his whole life on the shore, allowing the bliss of that life to wash over him – even if it’s just for a moment. A truly rapturous and involving turn from Pollie, “The Shore House” makes us excited to hear what other musical journeys he might have in store from us very soon.

Watch the animated video for “The Shore House” below, or find it on streaming platforms.

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