Photo: Amalia Soto

“Run Around The School” finds Told Slant in a hopelessly loved-up cloud

Told Slant, the project of Felix Walworth, is releasing a new album called Point The Flashlight and Walk on November 13. Following the double single “Family Still” and “No Backpack”, today they’ve shared another cut from the upcoming record called “Run Around The School”. Walworth says:

‘Run Around The School’ is about the allure of loving another regardless of reciprocity or the promise of being loved. It explores the beauty and delusion of pining, and of love’s power to satiate us even with its table scraps.

“Living is hard,” Walworth opens the new track, stretching out that final syllable to make us feel the utter drag that they’re expressing. This is underpinned by echoing and plaintive guitar strums, dotted by some light melodic plinks. But, when Walworth switches attention – “so I just think of you / run around the school telling everyone / how I think of you” – the song shifts into a much more upbeat pop track. Banjos ring out, the guitar picks up steam and Walworth becomes upfront in their attraction, picking out specific images. They express their adoration through fixating on the subject’s crooked glasses and how they clean them with their t-shirt – “because that’s like seeing you completely.” A song that is equal parts pure joy and hidden anguish, “Run Around The School” is exactly the tone that we know and love Told Slant for.

Told Slant’s new album Point The Flashlight and Walk comes out on November 13 through Double Double Whammy. You can find Told Slant on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.