Photo: Carl Solether

Florist enwrap us in the majesty of natural cycles on “Spring in Hours”

Florist are building towards the release of their new self-titled album this summer with the release of a new single called “Spring in Hours”. Vocalist Emily Sprague introduces the song:

Spring in Hours is a love song for cycles, seasons, growth, bugs, flowers, friendship, all the atoms in the universe, the chaos that created us, and the void which everything returns to. Musically for Florist, it’s our collaboration as a group in full spectrum. We arranged, played, produced, and recorded the song ourselves. Often at night alongside the crickets you can hear playing along.

It seems fitting that the previous single, “Red Bird Pt. 2”, was about loss, and now Florist balance it out with “Spring in Hours”, celebrating life’s cycles of regeneration. Accompanied by the chirping crickets, the naturally warm sound of “Spring in Hours” gives the impression of sitting alongside the quartet as they pay homage to the world from their porch. The guitar line, like life cycles themselves, gently but insistently keeps the song moving on beneath Sprague’s considered pontifications. Slowly but surely there’s an emergence of more woodwinds in the track, but they don’t arrive in a sudden injection, it’s more like a flower coming into bloom – one moment the song is small and growing, but before you know it “Spring in Hours” has grown into a gloriously bright and bountiful piece.

The video for “Spring in Hours” is also quite special as it features home-made clips from over 100 fans of the band. Check it out below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

Florist’s new album Florist is out on July 29 through Double Double Whammy (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.