Photo: Amalia Soto

Told Slant announces new album and shares gorgeous pair of tracks “Family Still” and “No Backpack”

It’s been four years since Told Slant‘s wonderful album Going By, but they have revealed plans to release a new record this year. The project of Felix Walworth will release an album called Point The Flashlight and Walk on November 13 through Double Double Whammy.

Since we’ve waited so long to hear more from Told Slant, it’s a beautiful thing that they have shared a pair of new tracks from Point the Flashlight and Walk, “Family Still” and “No Backpack”, which come in the middle of the record back to back. They say:

“‘Family Still’ and ‘No Backpack’ are meant to be listened to in succession. They explore the concepts of devotion and togetherness as both liberatory and self-negating, and mount these explorations from a place of sober reflection and indulgent fantasy.”

“Family Still” is a delicate portrait of Walworth’s relationship with love and dependance on another, sung intimately over plucked acoustic. That is, until they reach a breaking point and realise “no I don’t need your love at all,” and the song suddenly rises with this newfound passion into a clapping and stomping rambunctious indie-folk track.

Following that comes “No Backpack”, which builds off the back of “Family Still” into a golden spangled indie drifter. Here, Told Slant is striding even deeper into self-reflection, coming to difficult and hard-won truths: “I don’t wanna run from you.” They come out the other side of this beautiful track feeling more in control of themselves and understanding their fears and desires.

Told Slant’s new album Point The Flashlight and Walk comes out on November 13 through Double Double Whammy. You can find Told Slant on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.