Photo: Jeffrey LaTour

Rituals of Mine drifts away from past friendships with the aching “Exceptions”

Rituals of Mine aka LA’s Terra Lopez is releasing her new album HYPE NOSTALGIA on September 25 and following the recent “Free Throw” this week she’s shared “Exceptions”. She gives us the story behind the song, saying:

During this time I had a big falling out with some key people in my life (including my longtime bandmate), friends that had been family for over a decade. I honestly thought I’d grow old with these people by my side and it was a heavy realization coming to terms that we just didn’t belong in each other’s lives anymore. It’s a song that acknowledges that in these situations, it’s a two-way street. There’s no need to shift blame on anyone, that won’t undo what happened. The chorus, ‘Take all of my pride, throw it out’ is me admitting that I was also part of the reason for the connection ending.”

“Exceptions” makes a fascinating counterpoint to “Free Throw”, both musically and lyrically. Where “Free Throw” was assertive and had in-your-face beats to match, “Exceptions” falls back into a wave of regret that is characterised by soft-hued synths and Lopez’s delicate vocals. A low-lit jam that invites you to invest yourself in the complexities of emotion on display, “Exceptions” is involving enough to make you think twice about the changing relationships in your own life.

Rituals of Mine’s new album HYPE NOSTALGIA is coming out through Carpark on September 25. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Lopez also has a couple of podcasts: the first is The WNBA History Club and she’s just launched a second called Rituals of Mine TV. The first episode has Tegan of Tegan & Sara as the guest, and the likes of Deftones’ Chino Moreno, Nico Turner (from Cat Power) and KRIS are coming up soon.