Photo: Felix Walworth

Deer Scout feels the warmth of sensory experience on the gently wondrous “Synesthesia”

Dena Miller aka Deer Scout will release her debut album Woodpecker this Friday, April 8. We heard the gorgeous “Cowboy”, which was followed by “Peace with the Damage” and now we have one final teaser in “Synesthesia”.

The new track was written on the train home after a great show, and collects together a series of intensely joyous memories related to the way she creates music. The images are abstract yet vivid; the timbre of a voice, the weight of the country, the sharpness of stars. As she tiptoes through the interconnected feelings she’s joined by a light but rich fiddle that brings a homeliness to them. The way she sings to them and of them is reminiscent of the tenderness of a mother singing to her child, especially as she concludes with the quietly gleeful feeling of “old synesthesia stir something in me / cradle my soul.”

Check out the video for “Synesthesia” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Deer Scout’s new record Woodpecker is due out April 8 via Carpark Records. Follow Deer Scout on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more news. You can pre-order the album here.