Photo: Matthew James-Wilson

Naomi Alligator is so smitten she’s queasy on the winsome “Seasick”, announces new album

Naomi Alligator, the project of Los Angeles-based songwriter and multi-media artist Corrinne James, has revealed that she’ll release a new album called Double Knot on July 1 through Carpark. She’s also shared a new single called “Seasick”, saying:

“‘Seasick’ is a song about loving someone or something so much that it makes you sick. I have this vivid memory of being a kid and looking up at a canopy of trees while I was swimming. The sky was really pink and it was kind of scary, but I felt really happy. I think that is my favorite moment of my whole life, haha. I think that being in love takes me back to that memory–where everything is safe and magical.”

“Seasick” is a simple song, with Alligator singing merrily over her acoustic guitar strums, but something “magical” truly is created. It’s the simple way she expresses her love, the way backing vocals coo in response to her confession, the way the guitar melody just thrums with an inexplicable warmth and happiness. Combine this with the honesty of her feeling, how she describes the youthful wonder that bubbles up inside, and “Seasick” is a genuinely heartwarming wonder.

The video, however, is pure goofiness. Alligator transmutes her genuine emotion onto a dead fish – but there’s still genuine love detected there. Check out the video for “Seasick” below or listen to it on streaming platforms.

Naomi Alligator’s new album Double Knot comes out on July 1 through Carpark (pre-order/save). You can find her on Bandcamp, Twitter and Instagram.