Pinkshinyultrablast are a trio originally hailing from Russia who have been putting out records for over five years now, but with them all living in different cities, and with vocalist Lyubov having recently moved to Los Angeles, there’s been a shift in the way they work. The first fruits of their new method have come this week with a song called “Songs” – likely named that way because across its 15 minutes it shifts through several different modes. They say:

“This one is kind of an oddball. I think when we recorded ‘Songs’ we weren’t really sure what to do with this 15-minute-long beast, or if we will ever get a chance to release it. For some reason, this B-side feels especially dear to all of us. Possibly because it encapsulates a certain time of us existing together as a band, a very specific moment. We’ve been living in different cities for over four years now, and I think what I miss the most about us all being in the same place is the ability to regularly spend time together in the same room, practice, and run ideas by one another —  just communicate and figure stuff out, side by side.

It seems a shame to relegate “Songs” to b-side status, as it could encompass a whole EP unto itself. Beginning with propulsive post-punk, Pinkshinyultrablast show off their dexterity as they move through the gears into searing shoegaze with hair-raising accuracy and speed. Lyubov’s vocals and the sparks of guitar interplay beautifully, while “Songs” just keeps moving and morphing. There are so many movements across the song’s 15 minutes, but it feels like one beautifully and carefully constructed piece, it just has to be heard to be believed.

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