Pigeon Club takes us back to 60s LA with “Is Will Soon Be Was”

Wayne Whittaker is an LA session ace (and would-be goalie) who will soon release his second album under the name Pigeon Club. The first single is a psychedelic ode to the trippiness of time called “Is Will Soon Be Was”. 

The first Pigeon Club album was produced by John Would (Fiona Apple, Warren Zevon), and the sound immediately takes you back to LA’s Laurel Canyon circa 1967, when bands like Buffalo Springfield and Strawberry Alarm Clock were starting to turn Top 40 radio on its head.

In describing the new single, Whittaker says “Time is indeed ticking, and a lot of my new material seems to be focused on that. This song in particular is centered around the fact that everything in life is in a constant state of inescapable change. Which isn’t as scary as it sounds.

Whittaker recently wrapped a tour with the band Grand Southern opening for Hanson across the U.S. He’s a longtime collaborator with indie-pop duo Haerts, and has worked alongside artists like Diane Coffee and Nolie.

“Is Will Soon Be Was” is a rueful reminder that no matter how successful you get in the present (whether it’s Harry Styles in music or Sidney Crosby in hockey), your accomplishments will soon be just a memory.

Listen to “Is Will Soon Be Was” below, or find it on streaming services.

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