Murmur is the moniker of Oslo-based artist Sunniva Mellbye, and she will be releasing a new EP called Behind Your Back on November 6. Today she’s shared the lead single, “For You, Baby”, saying:

“For You, Baby is the inner voice of someone doing her utmost to seduce her object of desire. Promises of experience and love are cried out in a moment of desperation.”

The imposing synth-pop Murmur sets out on “For You, Baby” is confident and compelling, but in her vocal turn she revelas more of the desperate character she’s embodying. The track remains icy calm and quite beautiful, incorporating stylish percussion and embedding crafty vocal samples, while she continues her ill-fated attempts at arousal. “I’ll go down on you every night,” she mewls with the pure abandon of someone who is at their wits end with desire. It’s certainly a beguiling combination, and we’re here for it.

You can listen to “For You, Baby” on streaming platforms or watch the video below, where the singer’s haplessness is taken to comedic extremes.

Murmur’s new EP, Behind Your Back, is out on November 6. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.