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Watch: Radiohead’s full From The Basement session including new songs

By ; July 9, 2011 at 6:26 PM 

A while ago it was revealed that Radiohead had recorded a sepcial episode of Nigel Godrich’s music programe From The Basement. At the time we had not heard any live versions of The King Of Limbs, and even though now the band have premiered them in their surprise Glastonbury performance, this is still a special show since we will get superior video and audio quality than the fan-shot videos that surfaced from Glastonbury.

We’d heard that the BBC had embargoed the broadcast until July 1st and since then there hadn’t been any word on when we’d actually get to see it. Well today Canal+ in Spain showed the whole show, and one extremely quick-working and generous member of the Radiohead fansite AtEase message board who goes by the name Sheldon Block has recorded the whole show and is gradually uploading the videos. You can see videos that have been uploaded so far below. Keep your eyes on this YouTube channel to watch the rest as they come in, or return here later where we’ll have all the videos.

Radiohead – “Bloom” (Live From The Basement)

Radiohead – “The Daily Mail” (Live From The Basement)

Radiohead – “Feral” (Live From The Basement)

Radiohead – “Little By Little” (Live From The Basement)

Radiohead – “Codex” (Live From The Basement)

Radiohead – “Separator” (Live From The Basement)

Radiohead – “Lotus Flower” (Live From The Basement)

Radiohead – “Morning Mr. Magpie” (Live From The Basement)

Radiohead – “Give Up The Ghost” (Live From The Basement)

The full tracklist played was:

01. Bloom
02. Daily Mail
03. Feral
04. Little By Little
05. Codex
06. Separator
07. Lotus Flower
08. Staircase
09. Morning Mr. Magpie
10. Give Up The Ghost

If you missed the video of “Staircase,” which they premiered a few weeks ago, then watch that here:

Radiohead – “Staircase” (Live From The Basement)


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