Louien explores love and gender dynamics on the epic folk track “Better Woman”, announces EP

Norwegian songwriter Live Miranda Solberg aka Louien has announced the follow-up to her 2019 debut album None Of My Words: it’s a new EP called No Tomorrow and it’s coming out on June 4 via Jansen Records. The news brings with it the stirring lead single “Better Woman”, which she introduces by saying:

“Better Woman is about an argument between a woman and her partner, someone she’s in love with, but she doesn’t know how to get through to. So, she blames it on her lack as a woman; that she isn’t good enough, warm enough, funny enough. She wishes she didn’t have so many feelings. Maybe she even wishes she was a man.”

Louien takes us right into the conversation between her central couple on “Better Woman”, the song playing out as a passionate back-and-forth between the two quarrelling lovers. What’s most impressive is that “Better Woman” isn’t just a conversation, but manages to touch on deep-seated feelings about the relative statuses of men and women in relationships, while also being deeply romantic and heartbreaking, and – on top of all that – builds impressively from quiet contemplation into a burning and emphatic folk confessional. One moment we’re gently laying down in bed with the pair, the next we’re wrapped up in the woman’s worries, which evolve into a pyre of paranoia, soundtracked by flamboyant violins and soaring instrumental dynamics. It’s quite a feat.

Listen to “Better Woman” below or on streaming platforms.

Louien’s No Tomorrow EP arrives on June 4 via Jansen Records. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.