Photo: Julie Marie Nagelstad

Norwegian songwriter Louien lets her fury fly on the headstrong “No”, announces new EP

Live Miranda Solberg aka Louien will follow up last year’s No Tomorrow EP with a new six-track set called Figure Me Out, which arrives on September 16 through Jansen. She has shared the EP’s lead single, “No”, saying:

“This song is about boundaries! I know it’s a lame topic! But I wrote this when I was very angry at someone for not listening to me. Why does it take so much for some people to take a hint?!”

Louien might bashfully say it’s a lame topic, but it’s an important one – and one that was clearly dragging her down when she wrote “No”, as it turns out to be her loudest and most anguished song to date. From the opening line, “I can’t talk right now it hurts too much”, we’re clued into just how constricted the songwriter feels in this situation. With “No”, she’s fighting back, simply announcing “No I can’t” while the instrumentation falls in line behind her focused frustration, building into a sonic army like a group of the singer’s good friends – whom you do not want to mess with.

However, if you’re listening to the full version (rather than the video), then “No” recedes back to a lo-fi piano-and-voice outro that reveals that, beneath her fiery exterior, Louien is still wracked with pain.

Watch the video for “No” below or find the full version on streaming platforms.

Louien’s Figure Me Out EP arrives on September 16 via Jansen (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.