Norwegian art-poppers Mall Girl frolic through the fantasy of “Bubbly Cool Drink”

Much like just about any of us, COVID changed everything for Mall Girl. As they prepared to record their debut album, they were confronted with unexpected hurdles in the process.

Explaining further, member Hannah Veslemøy Narvesen says, “Because of COVID regulations and the four of us living in two different cities, we changed the way we worked with the songs quite radically in the months leading up to the studio recording. We’ve always been very oriented towards the live performance of the songs, including when we compose them together in our rehearsal space. That way of working has led to some challenges when recording, as you end up listening to the songs in a different manner and might figure out you should have done everything differently.

Rather than pause their efforts, the band simply sought to do things differently: “We actually ended up ‘remote composing’ big parts of the album, with everyone working from their own home studio and bouncing ideas back and forth,” Narvesen explains. “This was a very welcome change of workflow for us, and it led to us writing some songs which probably wouldn’t have turned out that way had we been together in the same room.

The results of their concerted efforts will arrive via their debut LP in Spring 2022, but in the mean time, they’ve shared a delightful offering, the addictive fantasy that is “Bubbly Cool Drink”.

Delving readily into Math pop, the single is less confrontational than their prior singles, choosing to nestle into the comfort zone of a playful daydream. Say the band, “It tastes sweet, it’s bubbly and it makes you forget your worries, but if you have too many bubbly cool drinks you’ll feel all out of balance by the end of the night. In your drunken haze you realise that you long for more than just drinks with miniature parasols, you actually want to be under a parasol on a beach, with an uncomplicated life and a wholesome relationship. Somehow your fantasy of better times is what’s keeping you afloat and maybe one day you’ll drink your bubbly cool drink in the Bahamas rather than a stingy bar somewhere in a rainy, cold town.

Check it out below or on streaming platforms.

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