Norwegian indie folk songwriter Louien returns with the gentle strength of “Fire”

2021 finds Louien in a very different place then she last left us in. Her 2019 debut, None of My Words, was consumed by her father’s death, an album-length grieving process.

Now, as she prepares her new EP, No Tomorrow, she’s unburdened of that heavy weight, writing simpler songs, songs of the present, that nonetheless continue to cut to the quick.

Speaking on the EP, she shares, “I wanted to play around a bit more, not take myself or the songs too seriously as the debut was very heavy and took years to write. I mean, writing a thoroughly happy song might still be out of my reach, but I’m trying to get more than one perspective in there.

“Fire” is her third offering from the project, and it’s a quietly determined ballad to self-reliance and the awe (and confusion) such strength can leave others in.

Check it out below, and look out for No Tomorrow come June 4th.